The Story behind Lebus Furniture

October 2, 2023

Read all about the history of how furniture manufacturing began for Lebus. The history is documented in two publications written by Paul Collier.

Both books are an amazing read, they are informative and illustrated using photographs dating as far back as 1840.

The first published book is called 'A Romance with the Furniture Trade'. This book explores the history of the furniture manufacturer Harris Lebus from 1840 to 1970. It draws on testimonies from those who were there.

The Second book 'Loving Lebus',  places Lebus furniture at the nexus of British furniture in the 20th Century. Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco and mid-century modern – Lebus furniture takes centre stage.

A Romance with the Furniture Trade - Harris Lebus
Loving Lebus - Looking into Lebus Furniture

Both books are available to order directly from Libri Publishing and Amazon, or to pre-order from all good bookstores.

Harris Lebus

Loving Lebus

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